Find Your Phone Easily Using Google

Nowadays, everyone’s life is completely dependent on smartphones. It contains all your valuable information so if you lose your phone due to any reason, it may bring disaster in your life. However, if you are already facing this situation, you need to educate yourself about the apps that can help in locating the device. Some apps can track your phone using GPS technology and there are sites that can help you to track the handy orten mit handynummer.

You can do the following things in case you lost your phone:

Locate your phone using Google: Most of the smart-phones have built-in service of find my device. This service allows you to track your phone’s location automatically. So, in case you are missing your phone you can just hop onto your friend’s phone or on your laptop and can check the last location of your phone. For this, you will have to enable find my device on your phone which includes` following steps:

  • Launch Settings and tap security and lock screen.
  • After that, you have to tap on the device administrators. After that when you tap on find my device a checkmark will appear in the checkbox. A back button will appear at the left corner of your phone’s screen tap, it twice so that you can return to the menu of main settings.
  • When you reach the main setting, click on the location and then tap on the switch that appears beside location on the top of the phone screen. Click on mode option and select high accuracy option.
  • Switch on the location history.

If you have lost your phone you can log-in to your account from your laptop or other device or using your friend’s phone by following ways:

  • You will have to launch a web browser on the device
  • Then navigate to
  • You can enter your email address and password if required. You will have to complete the process if 2 step verification set up is there on your Google account.

Recovery from the desktop: Gmail has a range of services so it will help you in case you lose your phone. First, sign in to your Gmail account using your system and then go to the home page. Go to the profile icon that is present at the right-hand corner and select Google account. Then choose the security option that is present on the left side. Click on find a lost or stolen phone which is found in the sub-menu of your device. From there you can choose the device which you were trying to find. You will have to verify it by entering your Gmail password.

Erasing the device data: if your device is synced with Google, you can lock your phone if your phone is not protected by a password. It also allows you to leave a recovery message with an alternate number. Suppose everything fails then the best option is to erase the data on the device.