What Are Some Basic Rules Of Pickleball?

Every game has its own set of rules and so does pickleball. It has very unique rules and that is not at all same as any other racket game. To get the detailed information about the rules of pickleball, you can click here and learn about a lot of things regarding the game. However, here are some of the basic rules that every pickleball player should be aware of:

Serve Rules – The serve of the ball should be made in such a way that it should be underhand and also the server should hit it below the waist. The server should keep in mind that while serving their one or both foot should lie behind the baseline. Also, the servings of the pickleball are done in the diagonal direction of the court so the player should be at the corner while serving the ball and aim to hit at the other end of that particular diagonal.

Faults – It is very important that a player should know what is counted as a fault in the game because the faults are followed by a further set of rules which are necessary to continue the game. Generally, the faults are committed by any player when they violate any rule of the game and the game comes at a halt. This is actually very beneficial to the opposing team as they get the favor points because the serving team has committed a fault. Here are some major situations which are counted as a fault during the game:

  • If the player hits the ball outside the boundaries of the court.
  • If the server hits the ball in the non-valley zone when the ball is served.
  • If either of the players from both the team doesn’t follow the two-bounce rule.
  • If the server hits the ball and strikes on the net and ball falls in the serving side of the court.

The sequence of Servings – According to the serving rule of the pickleball, the players in a doubles game should keep serving until any one of them commits a fault, after the first serving. Also, the first server will always serve the first ball of the match from the right side of the court. The server has to switch his position from left to right if they score a point and then have to serve from the other side and this will be continued till the server commits any fault. If the fault is committed, their partner will become the server and switch to their right places.

The opponent players will get the chance to serve only after both the defending players commit the fault. They will also start from the right side of the court and every rule will be followed in the same way as it was followed by the other players.

However, where there are only single players on both the sides then rules will still be the same i.e. starting the serve from the right side and hitting it diagonally. But when the server will commit any fault then the opposite player will directly get the ball to serve because there is no other player to get the serve on the same side.